I was a little skeptical about getting a coach at first. Then, as I started working with Nick, I knew I had made the right choice. The one on once coaching is fantastic, no limits on calls, texts, or emails. He pushes me and tests me, but also listens to me and asks how I am feeling so we don't over do it. I am super happy I decided to get a coach and especially happy I decided to go with E-Endurance. 

- Josh Eaton- Amateur Elite Triathlete. USAT All-American, Team USA 2015

I consider myself an experienced triathlete and have been racing at a competitive level for the past few years.  I have worked with full-time coaches in the past as well as trained on my own. Normally I have a training plan set up and ready to go at the start of the year and spend months gradually getting race-ready.  Last season, however, I had to start my training much later than I had hoped, and enlisted Nick's assistance in getting me ready for the Age Group National Championships in just a few short months time.  Because of the late start to the season, I had fairly low expectations of how I would fair at my A-race; Nick's training plan changed all at that!  In just the few short months we had, he came up with a creative and efficient plan that never felt like we were cramming in training in the compressed time.  The result: a personal-best run split and near-PR overall time, both of which were quite unexpected.  In such a limit amount of time, Nick was able to perfectly personalize a training plan that far exceeded my expectations, and on numerous occasions made complete adjustments to the training plan in place based on how I was feeling and where I was conditioning-wise.  One thing that really stood out to me during this truncated training period was Nick's desire to help me get better while listening to my feedback and not trying to push me past what I was capable of doing.  Next season I hope to be able to move on to racing at the Half Ironman distance, and will definitely be reaching out to Nick to help me get ready for that distance as well.  If you are looking for a coach that loves what he does and has no ego about adapting a training plan to your abilities, Nick is your guy!

- Kevin Wilson- USAT National Qualifier.

I'm newer to swimming than most of the athletes I now compete with. In the past six years I've gone from learning how to swim to being able to compete in national and international events and winning!  Nick has been my coach for most of my journey and he's been amazing. Not only is he a great athlete, he is also a great teacher. I always feel that he truly cares about my training, wellness and progress. To me Nick is as invested in my goals as I am and he's helped me achieve them, making some dreams a reality.  I love the sport of swimming. There's nothing I enjoy more than being good at it and with Nick I feel that I get a little better in the water every time I get in the pool.  He's helped me understand technique in functional terms, he's helped me get fast in the pool and incidentally, he's helped me get faster on my bike. I highly recommend Nick to any athlete at any level that is looking for a dedicated coach who cares about the athlete and wants results.

-    Luis Balaguer



I had the pleasure of working on my swim with Nick in the spring of 2011. Nick is a very skilled coach that knows a lot about techniques, drills and everything about swimming. However what separates Nick and really makes working with him a pleasure is his enthusiasm about swimming. Extra things such as motivational and instructional Youtube videos, things to focus on etc is just part of his love for swimming.

Without any swim background or any prior swim coaching at all, my training with Nick and the drills made me do an Ironman swim in 58 minutes in IM Wisconsin as well as IM Cozumel (non-wetsuit).

I can give Nick my best recommendations.


Best Times on different distances:

Olympic: 1.59

Half Ironman: 4.12

Ironman: 9.26

- Rasmus Porsgaa